Who is Kirsten Singer on Tiktok? Hooters Server famous for its tips

Who is Kirsten Singer on Tiktok? Age, Instagram, Net worth, Hooters server famous for advice: She’s a rising Tik Tok star who works at Hooters, she’s the waitress who went viral, she graduated from college and garnered a lot of attention recently as she shared her work experience with viewers. , there are many viewers who have shown interest in its content. Songer is quite young and she has managed to gain attention on social media and she has increased the number of her subscribers, the reason for her growing number of subscribers is that she still offers unique content every now and then, we are going to say more about the web star, she is also famous for her waitress Hooters. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Who is Kirsten Singer on Tiktok?

Kirsten is a social media influencer, she just started medical school, she has been working as a waitress for over a year at the Hooters restaurant, she shows different stuff and she uses her workspace to do different stuff, she also explained the challenges she faced when working as a waitress.

Kirsten Singer on Tiktok

She is now 22 years old, she graduated from the University of South Carolina with the highest honors, with her work she has fulfilled her dream of being in the medical field, she is also excellent when it comes to to study, she is also known as the top ten regional Hooter’s beauties and she had the opportunity to be the model of the Hooters 2022 calendar.

She has become a Tik Tok star, her name is @theflathootersgirl, her account is unverified at the moment, she has around 151.1,000 subscribers just on her Tik Tok with 4.3 million likes. She grabbed people’s attention in just a year, she brought everyone so many short videos that got a lot of attention over the years.

She posted a short video which got 239.8k views with 9.28k likes and around 235 comments so far she talks about the money she earns during her shift she made a total of 1 2,558 tips when we talk about this week, she also said that some of her shifts were great while some of them were quite usual with little income.

She became a famous waitress to get more money for tips in her job, it looks like she is going to post more funny videos on the internet and it looks like she is going to post more videos on the internet in the days and days. weeks to come. .

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